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Smorgasbord Records started out as Smorgasbord fanzine in 1986 by a hardcore fan named Chris Daily from Stamford CT. After a few issues of Skate Confusion zine, Chris changed the name to Smorgasbord Zine and then he took the magazine to the next level in 1988 with the release of the "X marks the spot" 7" compilation. This release marked the end of the magazine and the beginning of the record label. Chris continued to put out records for the next eight years and then in 1996 he decided that he no longer had the time to continue. Jeff Terranova from Up Front and Chris worked out a deal, and in early 1996 Jeff was the new owner of the label. Jeff continues to run the label as a one man DIY effort and puts out newer unheard of hardcore, punk, and rock acts that he has faith in. The main criteria of the label is that the releases are wholeheartedly liked by Jeff, and that goes for not only the music, but the lyrics and the relationship between Smorgasbord and the band members. The underground hardcore/punk scene was always like a big extended family to Jeff and that's what he tries his best to maintain with Smorgasbord Records. Smorgasbord Records and the underground music scene have given so much to Jeff over the years and doing the label is Jeff's way of giving something back. The label has been the home for such classic hardcore acts as Up Front and Wide Awake and has been a stepping stone for bands like Bloodlet and Hatebreed. A smorgasbord indeed... but not of food, of music. From the straight edge hardcore legends Wide Awake and Up Front to the punk rock 'n roll sounds of the Dead 50's to the hardcore/rock punch of Windfall to the in your face hardcore/punk of Fast Times, Smorgasbord Records continues to stay true to the underground music scene.

Here is, to the best of our knowledge, a complete discography list
for all of our vinyl releases!

Smorgasbord #1
"X Marks The Spot" 7" compilation
1,000 pressed on black vinyl
Re-released in 1994 by Striving For Togetherness Records 1,000 black vinyl
Side One:
Pressure Release - "pass it on"
Wide Awake - "last straw", "wide awake"
Side Two:
Pressure Release - "never give in"
Up Front - "something to strive for", "one step ahead", "live and let live"

Smorgasbord #2
Up Front "Spirit" LP
1st press 1,100 on black vinyl, black and white covers
2nd press 500 on black vinyl, magenta covers and lyric sheets
3rd press (around 1989 with funding and distribution by Demilo Records)
1,000 white vinyl and 1,000 blue vinyl, black and white covers with band logo in blue
700 Translucent Red (Record Store Day 2014 Exclusive), 300 Red, 286 Green
Side One:
once and for all, all of me, our best, left behind, expression,
break it up, second thoughts, what we need.
Side Two:
foolhearted, one step ahead, deliverance, new leaf, stand tall,
decisions, spirit, something to strive for.

Smorgasbord #3
Edgewise "Silent Rage" 7"
1st press 1,000 black vinyl and 200 green marble, blue labels
2nd press 500 black vinyl and 200 red vinyl, purple labels
Side One:
even the score, caught, long run
Side Two:
silent rage, stance, harsh reality

Smorgasbord #4
Conviction "A Question Of Commitment" 7"
1st press 500 black vinyl, silver and black labels
Side One:
a question of commitment, resentment
Side Two:
statement of pride, peering into darkness

Smorgasbord #5
Forbearance "Times We Had" 7"
1st press 800 on black vinyl
Side One:
times we had, jigsaw puzzle
Side Two:
insecure club, pronoun trouble

Smorgasbord #6
"Voice Of The Voicless" 12" LP compilation
(to benefit Adopt-A-Cow, A.L.F., S.A.C.A., and A.R.M.)
3,000 pressed all on black vinyl
(licensed to Doghouse Records shortly after on CD which is still avaialble)
Side One:
Endpoint "black skies"
Juvenocracy "through their eyes"
Transcend "product of greed"
Worlds Collide "effect of the age"
Youth Of Today "no more"
Split Lip "evolution"
Straight From The Heart "feast"
Side Two:
Encounter "consequence"
Shelter "in defense of reality"
Discipline "truth, facts or lies"
Downcast "force"
Majority Of One "one man"
Outspoken "daydream"
Rob R Rock "cruelty free"

Smorgasbord #7
Splinter 7"
1st press 800 black and 200 red
2nd press 500 black and 500 clear
Side One:
225, barbed wire
Side Two:
denial, maternal instinct

Smorgasbord #8
Bloodlet 7"
1st press 1,000 black vinyl and 500 dark red vinyl
Side One:
Side Two:
untouchables, litany

Smorgasbord #9
Up Front "What Fire Does" 7"

2,000 black vinyl, soft paper printed sleeves with
Pennsylvania address for Smorgasbord Records
All the rest have cardboard, glossy, glued covers
with Carmel, NY as the Smorgasbord Records address
1,000 black vinyl, 250 blue vinyl, 250 green vinyl,
250 red vinyl, 250 gold vinyl, 300 Hand Numbered on
Grey Marble Vinyl (Record Store Day 2014 Exclusive)

Smorgasbord # 11
Hatebreed "Under The Knife" 7"

500 white vinyl, 300 red vinyl, 200 gold vinyl,
200 green vinyl, 300 blue vinyl, 500 Orange vinyl,
6,000 black vinyl, 500 black vinyl with a limited edition photocopied
cover, 528 clear vinyl, 434 Grey Marble

Smorgasbord # 12
Trouble Is... "Tempest In A Teapot" 7"

100 clear vinyl, 200 green vinyl, 200 blue vinyl,
200 gold vinyl, 800 black vinyl

Smorgasbord # 18
Fast Times "Where Were You..." 7"

100 orange vinyl, 200 pink vinyl, 200 clear vinyl,
200 white vinyl, 200 gold vinyl, 1,200 black vinyl

Smorgasbord # 19
Show Of Hands "A New Day Not Forgotten" 7"

200 pink vinyl, 200 orange vinyl, 200 blue vinyl,
1,100 black vinyl

Smorgasbord # 28
Windfall / Psychopunch Split 7"

500 blue vinyl, 500 blue mixed with white vinyl


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